Harry N. Abrams

Sea of Gold

By Gregory Mone - Published 2023


AdventureChildren/Young AdultNautical

Twelve-year-old impoverished Irish lad Maurice Reidy, nicknamed “Fish” for his love of swimming, is sent to the city to work for his uncle. ...Read Review

The Ghost Theatre

By Mat Osman - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In a fantastical yet mostly recognizable Elizabethan London, teenage Shay, a member of a bird-worshipping religion, joins up with a troupe of boy ...Read Review

Lost in the Long March

By Michael X. Wang - Published 2022



Lost in the Long March follows a family across the middle third of China’s 20th century. It’s a lovely example of ...Read Review

My Name Is Yip

By Paddy Crewe - Published 2022



Not since Mark Twain has a novel been written so effectively in “defective” English: the struggling and antiquated prose of a 15-year-old whose ...Read Review

The Sixteen Trees of the Somme

By Lars Mytting - By Paul Russell Garrett (trans.) - Published 2022



Norwegian author Lars Mytting presents a story of a young man searching not only for his identity but for the true meaning of ...Read Review

All of You Every Single One

By Beatrice Hitchman - Published 2022


The tale of queer love, family, and freedom in one of the greatest cities of the early 20th century is eloquently depicted in ...Read Review

The Mad Women’s Ball

By Frank Wynne (trans.) - By Victoria Mas - Published 2021


Paris, 1885. In the Salpȇtrière Asylum, sixteen-year-old Louise is roused from sleep to go to a lecture, of which she will be ...Read Review

Poison Priestess (Lady Slayers)

By Lana Popovic - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Times are difficult for women of little means in 17th-century France, especially if they are young, poor orphans working in the candle-making sweatshop ...Read Review

Tell No Tales: Pirates of the Southern Seas

By Sam Maggs - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultNautical

This graphic novel recounts the adventures of real-life 18th-century pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, with cameo appearances by Jack Rackham. Anne’s ...Read Review

Blood Countess (A Lady Slayers Novel)

By Lana Popovic - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultMystery/CrimeThriller

Blood Countess is a historical tale of gothic suspense and horror set in 16th-century Hungary. Sixteen-year-old Anna, a gifted healer, comes to the ...Read Review