The Labyrinth of the Spirits

By Carlos Ruiz Zafón - Published 2018



The Labyrinth of the Spirits spans the years from 1938―when the Nacionales bombed Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War―to 1992. The driving force ...Read Review

News of Our Loved Ones

By Abigail DeWitt - Published 2018



Geneviève Delasalle, then 19, was in Paris in 1944, away from her family in Normandy when her home was the stage for the Allied ...Read Review


By Barbara Kingsolver - Published 2018



“‘Without shelter, we stand in daylight.’ ‘Without shelter, we feel ourselves likely to die.” Two brilliant narrators, separated by more than a century ...Read Review

The Sea Queen

By Linnea Hartsuyker - Published 2018



Hartsuyker’s re-imagining of the founding of Norway in the 9th century captures all the glory of its source material, the 13th-century saga, ...Read Review

The Lost Family

By Jenna Blum - Published 2018


Peter Rashkin is the handsome owner and chef of Masha’s, the place to eat, and be seen eating, in 1965 New York City. ...Read Review

The Dying of the Light

By Robert Goolrick - Published 2018


The only way to save Saratoga, the grand Virginia estate that has been in the Cooke family for five generations, is for Diana ...Read Review

Not Our Kind

By Kitty Zeldis - Published 2018


A fun, absorbing read, Kitty Zeldis’ Not Our Kind takes place in post-WWII New York City. Two women of opposite social and religious ...Read Review

What Should Be Wild

By Julia Fine - Published 2018



What Should Be Wild intertwines stories of several women, spanning millennia, all part of the Blakeley family—women connected by tragic lives in ...Read Review

The Home for Unwanted Girls

By Joanna Goodman - Published 2018


It’s post-WWII, and in Québec there are two opposing factions: French Canadians and British Canadians. Rarely do the communities mix; however, ...Read Review

Another Side of Paradise

By Sally Koslow - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

The four-year romance between the married F. Scott Fitzgerald and divorced Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham has been chronicled in books and movies ...Read Review