The Nesting Dolls

By Alina Adams - Published 2020


In 2019, a cantankerous, self-aggrandizing, but still loveable Russian immigrant grandmother takes a gift at her 45th wedding anniversary party and raises her arms ...Read Review

The Astonishing Life of August March

By Aaron Jackson - Published 2020


The phrase “child of the theater” has never been more literally or comically depicted than in this delightful romp of a book. August ...Read Review

The Everlasting

By Katy Simpson Smith - Published 2020



Andiamo a Roma! We’ll visit the Eternal City four times in Katy Simpson Smith’s brilliant new novel The Everlasting, set in ...Read Review

The Lost Diary of M

By Paul Wolfe - Published 2020



In 1964, Washington socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered during her daily walk in Georgetown. The murder remains unsolved to this day, and rumors ...Read Review

The Gimmicks: A Novel

By Chris McCormick - Published 2020


In his debut novel, The Gimmicks, Chris McCormick weaves an unusual tale of three Armenians living in the long shadow of the Armenian ...Read Review

Sword of Kings: A Novel (Saxon Tales)

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2019



In Sword of Kings, the twelfth book in Bernard Cornwell’s popular Saxon series, Uhtred of Bebbanburg has grown older and wiser, but, ...Read Review

The Dutch House

By Ann Patchett - Published 2019


At the end of World War II, Cyril Conroy buys the Dutch House, a large, glass house on the outskirts of Philadelphia formerly ...Read Review

The Last Train to London

By Meg Waite Clayton - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

There are many unsung heroes – known as Righteous Gentiles – who risked their own lives to save Jewish people from extermination under Nazi rule. ...Read Review

The Glass Woman

By Caroline Lea - Published 2019


Rósa Magnusdottir’s mother is ill, hungry and coughing away in the chill and mud of their croft in a late 17th-century ...Read Review

The Golden Wolf

By Linnea Hartsuyker - Published 2019



The Golden Wolf is a 9th-century Viking saga spanning across the regions of Norway to Iceland. This is the final book in The ...Read Review