Harper Muse

The Call of the Wrens

By Jenni L. Walsh - Published 2022



From its intriguing cover to the author’s note at the end, this book will captivate readers. Alternating between the story of Marion, ...Read Review

When We Had Wings

By Ariel Lawhon - By Kristina McMorris - By Susan Meissner - Published 2022



Set during WWII in the Philippines, When We Had Wings is the story of the first American women POWs of the war. After ...Read Review

Where the Wandering Ends: A Novel of Corfu

By Yvette Manessis Corporon - Published 2022


Corporon, the daughter of Greek immigrants, tells a compelling story spanning six decades in the lives of Greeks living on the island of ...Read Review

The Light Always Breaks

By Angela Jackson-Brown - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

In this inspirational romance, Jackson-Brown creates a fascinating dilemma for her heroine: what’s a super-competent, Christian, Black restauranteur to do when the ...Read Review

The Grand Design: A Novel of Dorothy Draper

By Joy Callaway - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Dorothy Draper, the first woman in America to open her own interior design company in 1925, has been granted the most lucrative contract of ...Read Review

The Teacher of Warsaw

By Mario Escobar - Published 2022


Mario Escobar shares the true story of Janusz Korczak, a respected leader and speaker whose life was dedicated to children. In 1940, he and ...Read Review

The Fossil Hunter

By Tea Cooper - Published 2022


This dual-period novel follows independent-minded Penelope Jane “PJ” Martindale, an ambulance driver who, upon the Armistice, heads to London in 1919. Her brothers were ...Read Review

The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare

By Kimberly Brock - Published 2022


In this novel, author Kimberly Brock weaves a multigenerational story based on the supposed descendants of the real-life Eleanor Dare. Dare was the ...Read Review

The London House

By Katherine Reay - Published 2021


This dual-timeline novel takes place in early 20th-century Paris and present-day London. Through journal entries and correspondence written for the most part in ...Read Review

The Cartographer’s Secret

By Tea Cooper - Published 2021


In 1880, at her house at Yellow Rock, New South Wales, talented Australian sketch artist Evie Ludgrove shares her father’s obsession with the ...Read Review