Harper Muse

What the Mountains Remember

By Joy Callaway - Published 2024


In the early days of the motor car, a camping group called the Vagabonds, headed by Henry Ford and his friends Harvey Firestone ...Read Review


By Jenni L. Walsh - Published 2024


Biographical FictionNautical

This dual-timeline story follows the lives of Violet Jessop, who in real life survived the maritime disasters of the Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic, ...Read Review

The Butterfly Collector

By Tea Cooper - Published 2023


1922 Sydney. Verity Binks wants to be a reporter like her father and grandfather, but with soldiers coming home from the Great War, she ...Read Review


By Sean Dietrich - Published 2023



Living in the fictional town of Park, Alabama, in 1972, sixty-something absentee father, Nub, has been perpetually drunk since his father’s suicide in 1921. ...Read Review


By Angela Jackson-Brown - Published 2023


Recently bereaved, 21-year-old Rose Bourdon seeks refuge in her childhood home, finding solace in the arms of her large family and within the ...Read Review

The Swiss Nurse

By Mario Escobar - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

This novel is based on the real-life story of Elisabeth Eidenbenz, who ministered to the orphaned children and expectant mothers displaced by the ...Read Review

The Antiquity Affair

By Jennifer Thorne - By Lee Kelly - Published 2023



Though sisters Lila and Tess Ford were inseparable as girls, lurking in the back of their archeologist father’s lecture halls, making up ...Read Review

A Shadow in Moscow

By Katherine Reay - Published 2023


In late 1944 in Nazi-occupied Vienna, Ingrid loses her Austrian father and English mother to the occupiers when they determine the couple isn’t ...Read Review

The Castle Keepers

By Aimie K. Runyan - By J'nell Ciesielski - By Rachel Mcmillan - Published 2023


The castle: Leedswick Castle in Northbridge, England, a fortress with crumbling stones and overgrown gardens in 1870, paint-chipped walls and dusty windows in 1917, and ...Read Review

All the Pretty Places: A Novel of the Gilded Age

By Joy Callaway - Published 2023


The enormous gaps in wealth we notice today have long been present in America’s culture. In 1893, in the Westchester region outside urban ...Read Review