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The Last Hours in Paris

By Ruth Druart - Published 2022


The four-year occupation of France by the Germans in WW2 must be one of the most intensively fictionalised episodes in history. It takes ...Read Review

Bronze Drum

By Phong Nguyen - Published 2022



Based on the lives of the legendary Trung Sisters, Bronze Drum opens in 36 CE in a land of Viet people striving to keep ...Read Review

Antoinette’s Sister

By Diana Giovinazzo - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Charlotte, born Maria Carolina to Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, tells her story in this biographical novel. Her sister, Marie Antoinette, was the ...Read Review

Blind Tiger

By Sandra Brown - Published 2021



In the small Texas town of Foley in 1920, Prohibition is in full swing, and so are the moonshine wars as a young widow ...Read Review

The Glorious Guinness Girls

By Emily Hourican - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Aileen, Maureen and Oonagh are the glorious Guinness girls, members of the dynastic brewing family, and part of the Bright Young Things, a ...Read Review

A Gambling Man (An Archer Novel)

By David Baldacci - Published 2021



After a near-fatal stay in Poca City (in One Good Deed), Aloysius Archer is headed west to become a Private Investigator. He hopes ...Read Review

While Paris Slept: A Novel

By Ruth Druart - Published 2021


To what lengths would you go to ensure your child’s survival?  What would you sacrifice in yourself to preserve their well-being?  With ...Read Review

The Woman in Red

By Diana Giovinazzo - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Historical fiction often allows writers and readers the opportunity to explore the lives of people whose names may be missing from history textbooks, ...Read Review

Lost Boy Found

By Kirsten Alexander - Published 2020


John Henry Davenport and his wife, Mary, are the most prominent couple in Opelousas, Louisiana. On a summer day in 1913, their three boys ...Read Review


By Imogen Robertson - Published 2020



Nancy Wake is a larger-than-life character: a journalist, secret agent, and military leader fighting Nazi forces during World War II. Her outlandish behavior ...Read Review