Fourth Estate

The Tolstoy Estate

By Steven Conte - Published 2020



Steven Conte describes his second novel, shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize, as the ‘love child’ of War and Peace and the less ...Read Review

The Light at the End of the Day

By Eleanor Wasserberg - Published 2020


In 1937 Krakow, Poland, Adam Oderfeldt, a wealthy Jewish entrepreneur, commissions a portrait of his younger daughter, Alicia, as her present for her 12th ...Read Review

Conjure Women

By Afia Atakora - Published 2020


Afia Atakora’s haunting, lyrical prose draws you in from the first sentence like one of the spells conjured by the plantation midwives: “...Read Review

The Mirror & the Light (Wolf Hall Trilogy 3)

By Hilary Mantel - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Following Anne Boleyn’s beheading in May 1536, chief councillor Thomas Cromwell’s star has never shone brighter in Henry VIII’s eyes. But ...Read Review

We Must Be Brave

By Frances Liardet - Published 2019


This novel opens with one of the loveliest images in World War II literature: a small girl, “curled up, thumb in mouth,” and ...Read Review

Book of Colours

By Robyn Cadwallader - Published 2018



In the year 1320, in anticipation of a major family inheritance, Lady Mathilda commissions a book of hours: an exquisite book, to raise the ...Read Review

The Wife’s Tale: A Personal History

By Aida Edemariam - Published 2018



As Yetemegn lay dying, she was anxious to leave and yet worried that she had not fasted and prayed enough. Aida Edemariam tells ...Read Review

Peculiar Ground

By Lucy Hughes-Hallett - Published 2017Published 2018


Set in both the 1660s and the 1960s, this debut novel explores the workings of a fictional English manor house called Wychwood. In ...Read Review

Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars

By Miranda Emmerson - Published 2017



In 1965 London, successful American actress Iolanthe (Lanny) Green walks out of the theatre where she had been starring and disappears. Lanny’s dresser, ...Read Review


By Annie Proulx - Published 2016



What is it that makes Annie Proulx’s voice so compelling, so completely her own? She creates characters and situations and then sits ...Read Review

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