Farrar Straus & Giroux

The Kingdom

By Emanuel Carrere - By John Lambert (trans.) - Published 2017



Emmanuel Carrere is the classic apologist in this nonfiction account of his own personal spirituality and that of the apostles Luke and Paul, ...Read Review

Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, The History of an Idea

By Mitchell Duneier - Published 2017



Ghetto is an analysis of the work of four prominent black intellectuals: Horace Cayton, Kenneth Clark, William Julius Wilson, and Geoffrey Canada. All ...Read Review

Autumn of the Black Snake: The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion That Opened the West

By William Hogeland - Published 2017



Hogeland’s book is a finely researched entry about a war about which few Americans are aware—the war to eradicate the Native ...Read Review


By Amelia Gray - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In her fifth book, Amelia Gray crafts a historical novel based on the life of the mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan. The ...Read Review

Naming Thy Name: Cross Talk in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

By Elaine Scarry - Published 2016


Elaine Scarry, a celebrated literary scholar known for her interdisciplinary approaches to the study of poetry, culture, philosophy, and art, has joined Oscar ...Read Review

Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas de Quincey

By Frances Wilson - Published 2016



Thomas De Quincey is most famous for his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater and for his friendship with the Romantic poets, especially William ...Read Review

Rasputin: Faith, Power, and the Twilight of the Romanovs

By Douglas Smith - Published 2016



By any standards, Grigory Rasputin led an extraordinary life. He was born in 1869 in a remote Siberian village; during his twenties, he began ...Read Review

The Tengu’s Game of Go: Book 4 in the Tale of Shikanoko Series

By Lian Hearn - Published 2016



“All the pieces were in their positions, and flames were charring the edges. It was time to act… The tengu had already told ...Read Review

A House Full of Daughters: A Memoir of Seven Generations

By Juliet Nicholson - Published 2016



This book focuses on the women of the Sackville-West family through seven biographies.  The first is that of Pepita, who was born in 1830 ...Read Review

The Vanquished: Why the First World War Failed to End

By Robert Gerwarth - Published 2016



This book is a fascinating account of civilian and paramilitary events before, during and after the 1914-18 wars in Europe and west Asia, ...Read Review