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Shadow Without a Name

By Ignacio Padilla - Published 2003



Two men play chess on a train bound for the eastern front in 1914. The loser will serve as a soldier in a doomed ...Read Review

The Arbogast Case

By Thomas Hettche - Published 2003



Adults attracted to legal thrillers will find this highly recommended book a must read. It stands somewhat distinguished from writings of American authors. ...Read Review

The Time of Our Singing

By Richard Powers - Published 2003



1939, Washington, D.C. Marian Anderson and her extraordinary operatic voice, hailed internationally, were refused Constitutional Hall as a venue by the Daughters of ...Read Review

When Eve Was Naked

By Josef Skvorecky - Published 2002


LiteraryShort Stories

The subtitle of this work, Stories of a Life’s Journey, describes the contents perfectly. Translated from Czech, this collection of short stories―...Read Review

Travels With A Medieval Queen

By Mary Taylor Simeti - Published 2001Published 2002



The queen of the title, Constance of Hauteville, daughter of Roger II of Sicily, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI and the ...Read Review

The Haunting Of L.

By Howard Norman - Published 2002



Peter Duvett, photographer’s assistant, tells his story of work in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and later in his home city of Halifax in 1927. ...Read Review

Here’s to You, Jesusa!

By Elena Poniatowska - Published 2001


Biographical FictionLiterary

First published in Spanish in 1969, Here’s to You, Jesusa! is the fictional autobiography of a poor Mexican woman, here translated into English. ...Read Review

The Love-Artist

By Jane Alison - Published 2001


Biographical FictionLiterary

Ovid, creator of Metamorphoses, The Art of Love and other works which have been lost to us forever, arrives at his place of ...Read Review

In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden

By Kathleen Cambor - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

The Johnstown Flood of 1889 in Pennsylvania was one of the worst disasters in American history: over 2,200 people died, including 99 whole families. Kathleen Cambor ...Read Review