Fairlight Books

The Woodcock

By Richard Smyth - Published 2021


Gravely, east coast of England, 1920s. Harriet and Jon have been happily married for two years. He is a naturalist who makes a ...Read Review


By Alan Clark - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Born in 1867, cousin of Queen Victoria, and known within royal circles as “May,” Princess Mary of Teck was one of the crop of ...Read Review

A Matter of Interpretation

By Elizabeth Mac Donald - Published 2019



Translation is always a “matter of interpretation”, and it can (still) be a matter of life or death for the translator. Elizabeth Mac ...Read Review

The Prince of Mirrors

By Alan Robert Clark - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

The Prince in question is Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Edward, the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. He was ...Read Review