Everyone in Their Place: The Summer of Commisario Ricciardi

By Antony Shugaar (trans.) - By Maurizio de Giovanni - Published 2013



Set in 1930s Naples, Italy, Everyone in Their Place features a remarkable protagonist in the shape of Commissario Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi. Ricciardi is ...Read Review

The Story of a New Name

By Ann Goldstein (trans.) - By Elena Ferrante - Published 2013



This is a sequel to My Brilliant Friend, translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein. The first book followed friends Elena Greco and ...Read Review

The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals

By Wendy Jones - Published 2012Published 2014


Set in a small Welsh town in 1924, Jones’ novel meanders through, as the title indicates, the thoughts and happenings of a young man ...Read Review

A Long Way to Verona

By Jane Gardam - Published 2013Published c1971



Author Jane Gardam (Last Friends, 2013) passes up Verona, except metaphorically, to take readers into the mind and heart of a precocious 13-year-old living ...Read Review

Last Train to Paris

By Michele Zackheim - Published 2014


In hindsight, we know that no sane person, Jewish or otherwise, would try to ride it out in pre-war Paris and Berlin. But ...Read Review

The Dream Maker

By Alison Anderson (trans.) - By Jean-Christophe Rufin - Published 2013


Biographical FictionLiterary

The Dream Maker follows the Renaissance adventures of Jacques Coeur, the man who played the role of Argentier to King Charles VII of ...Read Review

The Mystery of Rio

By Alberto Mussa - By Alex Ladd (trans.) - Published 2013



What defines a city, the narrator tells us, is “the history of its crimes,” and, with that introduction, he proceeds to tell the ...Read Review

Saving Mozart: The Diary of Otto J. Steiner

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Raphaël Jerusalmy - Published 2013


Raphaël Jerusalmy, a Sorbonne graduate and formerly of Israeli Military Intelligence, invokes Anne Frank in his first novel. Like Frank’s diary, ...Read Review

Bound in Venice

By Alessandro Marzo Magno - By Gregory Conti (trans.) - Published 2013



Moveable type may have been invented in Germany, but the Renaissance-era business of producing and selling books belonged purely to Venice. A political ...Read Review

The Last Banquet

By Jonathan Grimwood - Published 2013



Jean-Marie d’Aumout’s sharply distinctive and intelligent voice narrates his life story spanning 18th-century France, from desperate poverty to the viciousness of ...Read Review