Europa Editions

The Fair Folk

By Su Bristow - Published 2024


Historical FantasyLiterary

The Fairy Folk living in the Surrey woods are very discriminating in who they choose to reveal themselves to. In 1959, eight-year-old Felicity loves ...Read Review

A Volga Tale

By Guzel Yakhina - By Polly Gannon (trans.) - Published 2023



A Volga Tale tells a tale of two worlds on opposite sides of the Volga River. On the left bank is the endless ...Read Review

First Blood

By Alison Anderson (trans.) - By Amélie Nothomb - Published 2023



Inspired by the life of the author’s father, First Blood is an elegiac imagining of Patrick Nothomb’s early life and near-brush ...Read Review

The Postcard

By Anne Berest - By Tina Kover (trans.) - Published 2023



After a postcard without a sender arrives at her mother’s house inscribed with the names of relatives who perished at Auschwitz, life ...Read Review

Alma: The Wind Rises

By François Place (illus.) - By Holly James (trans.) - By Timothee de Fombelle - Published 2022


Children/Young AdultLiterary

It’s 1786 when this story begins in a remote valley in West Africa where Alma and her family are living a seemingly idyllic ...Read Review

Dying is Easier than Loving (Ottoman Quartet)

By Ahmet Altan - By Brendan Freely (trans.) - Published 2023



This massive novel richly repays the effort of overcoming its daunting title, 556 pages, and initially unfamiliar Ottoman setting. Imagine plunging into War and ...Read Review

My Father’s House (The Rome Escape Line Trilogy, 1)

By Joseph O’Connor - Published 2023


A black Daimler races through the war-torn streets of Rome for a hospital on a dark December night—sleet and rain, car swerving, ...Read Review

The Wind Rises: Book 1 of The Alma Series

By Holly James (trans.) - By Timothee de Fombelle - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

In this middle-grade novel, book one of the planned Alma Trilogy, readers follow teenagers Alma and Joseph on very different adventures and await ...Read Review

The Dolphin House

By Audrey Schulman - Published 2022



The Dolphin House is based on the true story of the 1965 Dolphin House experiment. In this story, Cora, a young deaf woman, finds ...Read Review

Belle Greene

By Alexandra Lapierre - Published 2022


Biographical FictionLiterary

Alexandra Lapierre’s account of Belle da Costa Greene, the librarian largely responsible for the Morgan Library in New York, will astonish and ...Read Review