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Far Creek Road

By Lesley Krueger - Published 2023


In 1961, 10-year-old Mary Alice (known as Tink) lives with her parents in a northern suburb of Vancouver. Even on this forested mountainside on ...Read Review

As Little As Nothing

By Pamela Mulloy - Published 2022


It’s 1938 in Hampshire, England, and residents are trapped in their dread of an impending war with Germany and their memories of the ...Read Review

What Is Written on the Tongue

By Anne Lazurko - Published 2022



After being released from a Nazi work farm, Sam returns home only to be quickly drafted and sent to Java as part of ...Read Review

Time Squared

By Lesley Krueger - Published 2021



Krueger has crafted a complex love story that follows the characters throughout a time-warp history but not in chronological order. The novel begins ...Read Review

The Keening: A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

By Anne Emery - Published 2021



The Keening opens in Enniskillen, Ireland, in 1595, then moves to the same place in contemporary times. In both past and present, the property ...Read Review

The Willow Wren: A Novel

By Philipp Schott - Published 2021


Readers meet Ludwig Schott in Leipzig in 1944 after an air raid has leveled the building where he and his family had been living. ...Read Review

Elizabeth of Bohemia: A Novel about Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen

By David Elias - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I of England, narrates her own story in Elias’s wide-ranging novel. Her life encompasses many seismic events, ...Read Review