Earnshaw Books

The Eunuch

By Jonathan Kos-Read - Published 2022



This debut novel, set in Jin Dynasty (12th-century) China, is a unique historical mystery. Most procedurals feature an arbitrary deadline imposed by superiors ...Read Review

The Lacquered Talisman

By Laurie Dennis - Published 2020


Epic in scope, this novel of 1300s China is absolutely fascinating. Set at a time when the Mongol-ruled Yuan dynasty is foundering, clearly ...Read Review

Tales of Ming Courtesans

By Alice Poon - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In this extremely well-researched novel of three courtesans of 17th-century Nanjing, China, Poon tells the life stories and friendships of three real-life women ...Read Review

Romans on the Silk Road

By Brian McElney - Published 2019



Inspired by the theory that a group of 145 soldiers, captured by the Chinese in 36 BC during their campaign against the nomads of the ...Read Review

Southern Rain

By Harry Miller - Published 2019



“Then we take both of them/And break them into pieces/And mix the pieces with water/And mold again a figure of ...Read Review