Dzanc Books

Between Tides

By Angel Khoury - Published 2021



With a brief but personal memory of a little-known aspect of the American Civil War, this novel mostly covers events of the 1890s ...Read Review

My Red Heaven

By Lance Olsen - Published 2020



June 10, 1927, Berlin. Like the abstract blocks of color in the contemporary painting by Jewish-German artist Otto Freundlich of the same title as this ...Read Review

Yours, Jean

By Lee Martin - Published 2020



The first day of school in 1952 seems full of promise for new school librarian Jean De Belle. Not only does the day mark ...Read Review

In Our Midst

By Nancy Jensen - Published 2020


The internment of German immigrants in America during WWII is not a story often told. In 1941 we meet Otto, Nina, and their two ...Read Review

Cold Country

By Russell Rowland - Published 2019



Tom Butcher is the second-largest ranch owner in Montana. He is also Paradise Valley’s resident troublemaker, the arm-wrestling champion of the area, ...Read Review

The Archive of Alternate Endings

By Lindsey Drager - Published 2019



Drager (The Lost Daughter Collective) returns with another look at how stories are told and how they shape people’s lives in this ...Read Review

The Conviction of Cora Burns

By Carolyn Kirby - Published 2019


The Conviction of Cora Burns is a wholly original and highly compelling novel that delves into the psyche of a young woman and ...Read Review