The Perfume Thief

By Timothy Schaffert - Published 2021


In Nazi-occupied Paris, Clementine has several strikes against her: she’s gender-fluid, and deeply involved with the artistic, non-heterosexual, nightclub, anti-Nazi community – a ...Read Review

The Auschwitz Photographer: Based on the True Story of Wilhelm Brasse, Prisoner 3444

By Maurizio Onnis - Published 2021



Wilhelm Brasse, a Polish prisoner at Auschwitz in 1941, is recruited by the SS to take photographs of all the new arrivals. This is ...Read Review


By Edward Rutherfurd - Published 2021



Rutherfurd stumbles uncharacteristically in this tepid outing, his first set outside of a Western culture. In 1839, John Trader comes to China from England, ...Read Review

Hour of the Witch

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2021



How far will a woman go to escape an abusive husband? In Puritan Boston in 1662, divorces are rarely granted, but Mary Deerfield, a ...Read Review

Great Circle

By Maggie Shipstead - Published 2021


Great Circle is a richly spacious novel about a bold female pilot who feels simultaneously larger-than-life and intimately real. Marian Graves leaves behind ...Read Review

V for Victory

By Lissa Evans - Published 2020


London in the Autumn of 1944, and V1 and V2 rockets are falling on the capital, causing misery and destruction, though the airplane bombing ...Read Review

A Tip for the Hangman

By Allison Epstein - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) is the Jimi Hendrix of great playwrights. Marlowe’s meteoric career fizzled mysteriously 427 years ago. Just a few brilliant plays ...Read Review

Miss Benson’s Beetle

By Rachel Joyce - Published 2020


A spinster teacher in her mid-forties in a girls’ school in ration-hit, grey-toned, austerity England in 1950, Miss Margery Benson walks out of her ...Read Review

The Liar’s Dictionary

By Eley Williams - Published 2020



Split between the 19th century and present day, this is a delightfully exuberant, playful novel that is difficult to categorise or briefly summarise. ...Read Review

Fortune Favors the Dead: A Novel (Pentecost and Parker)

By Stephen Spotswood - Published 2020



It’s the early 1940s in New York, and private investigator Lillian Pentecost and her assistant Willowjean (Will) Parker are hired to investigate ...Read Review