Our Hideous Progeny

By C. E. McGill - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

England and Scotland in the 1850s. Mary Elizabeth Sutherland is an ambitious and feisty natural history illustrator married to Henry, a rather combative ...Read Review

White Fox (The Black Sun Trilogy)

By Owen Matthews - Published 2023



Former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald emigrated to the Soviet Union in 1959 and lived and worked in Minsk until he returned to the U....Read Review

The Devil’s Playground

By Craig Russell - Published 2023



This gothic thriller opens in 1967. Paul Conway, journalist and film buff, searches for supposedly the one and only surviving copy of a silent ...Read Review

Flirting with Danger: The Mysterious Life of Marguerite Harrison, Socialite Spy

By Janet Wallach - Published 2023



Janet Wallach’s meticulously researched biography chronicles the awe-inspiring life of Marguerite Elton Baker Harrison (1879-1967). Left penniless at age 37 after marriage, the ...Read Review

Go as a River

By Shelley Read - Published 2023



Read creates an alluring sense of place in her coming-of-age story for protagonist Victoria “Torie” Nash, whose life takes a detour after a ...Read Review

A Complicated Matter

By Anne Youngson - Published 2023



With the daily news reports indicating an increase of refugees from war-torn areas and a number of natural disasters, the publication of a ...Read Review

Shrines of Gaiety

By Kate Atkinson - Published 2022


London 1926. Kate Atkinson works her literary magic on another historical novel. Nellie Coker (based upon the Soho nightlife “godmother” Kate Meyrick), just released ...Read Review

The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley

By Sean Lusk - Published 2022



Opening in the middle of the 18th century and moving between London, rural England and Constantinople, this novel is historical fiction laced with ...Read Review

The Flames

By Sophie Haydock - Published 2022Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

This is a fictional biography, of sorts, of the Austrian artist Egon Schiele, told from the perspective of four of the key women ...Read Review

The Lioness

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2022



1964. Hollywood movie star and American sweetheart Katie Barstow decides to take a small group of friends and family with her and her new ...Read Review

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