Harlem Shuffle

By Colson Whitehead - Published 2021



In 1960s Harlem, Ray Carney owns his own furniture store and is determined to prove himself as an honest businessman, in stark contrast ...Read Review

The Art of Living

By Stephen Bayley - Published 2021


Any novel, historical or otherwise, that begins with a photograph of the fictional first-person narrator and the caption laconically stating that the subject, ...Read Review

The Dictator’s Muse

By Nigel Farndale - Published 2021



This novel takes as its theme the build up to the 1936 Berlin Olympics, centering on the stories of three British young people caught ...Read Review

The Mad Women’s Ball

By Frank Wynne (trans.) - By Victoria Mas - Published 2021


Paris, 1885. In the Salpȇtrière Asylum, sixteen-year-old Louise is roused from sleep to go to a lecture, of which she will be ...Read Review

The Perfume Thief

By Timothy Schaffert - Published 2021


In Nazi-occupied Paris, Clementine has several strikes against her: she’s gender-fluid, and deeply involved with the artistic, non-heterosexual, nightclub, anti-Nazi community – a ...Read Review

The Auschwitz Photographer: Based on the True Story of Wilhelm Brasse, Prisoner 3444

By Maurizio Onnis - Published 2021



Wilhelm Brasse, a Polish prisoner at Auschwitz in 1941, is recruited by the SS to take photographs of all the new arrivals. This is ...Read Review


By Edward Rutherfurd - Published 2021



Rutherfurd stumbles uncharacteristically in this tepid outing, his first set outside of a Western culture. In 1839, John Trader comes to China from England, ...Read Review

Hour of the Witch

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2021



How far will a woman go to escape an abusive husband? In Puritan Boston in 1662, divorces are rarely granted, but Mary Deerfield, a ...Read Review

Great Circle

By Maggie Shipstead - Published 2021


Great Circle is a richly spacious novel about a bold female pilot who feels simultaneously larger-than-life and intimately real. Marian Graves leaves behind ...Read Review

V for Victory

By Lissa Evans - Published 2020


London in the Autumn of 1944, and V1 and V2 rockets are falling on the capital, causing misery and destruction, though the airplane bombing ...Read Review

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