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If I Should Die

By Harlan Hague - Published 2017



Armed with documents handed down by his grandfather, elderly Texas rancher Olin Harris is researching his family history and focusing on one ancestor ...Read Review

The Leper King: Volume 1 (The Magdalen Cycle)

By Scott R. Rezer - Published 2009-04-02Published 2014


Young Baldwin, the valorous King of Jerusalem and Defender of the Holy Sepulcher in Scott Rezer’s novel The Leper King, has an ...Read Review


By Michael Moon - By Mr Michael G Moon - Published 2014Published 2014-04-04



This novel is a labour of love and that shines through every page. Based on a true story and events that happened to ...Read Review

The Pre-Raphaelite Seamstress

By Amita Murray - Published 2014Published 2014-03-25



As its title implies, Murray’s novel transports readers to the heady 1860’s in London, a time when artists such as Rossetti and ...Read Review

Monsters: Volume 3 (Sword of Woden)

By C.R. May - Published 2014Published 2014-01-28



Monsters (Sword of Woden 3) was a fascinating and insightful read. Based on the infamous ‘Beowulf’ poem, which is dated between the ninth and ...Read Review

Fatal Forgery (The Sam Plank Mysteries)

By Susan Grossey - Published 2013-07-12Published 2014



Given the present-day banking scandals that regularly hit the headlines, Fatal Forgery does what all good historical fiction should do and mirrors our ...Read Review

Violet’s Problem: Volume 1 (The Violet Strange Mysteries)

By Candida Martinelli - By Candida Martnelli - Published 2013Published 2013-12-19



I am not generally a mystery fan, but the heroine of Martinelli’s slim volume won me over almost instantly, and the style ...Read Review

Midnight Rumba: Novel

By Eduardo Santiago - Published 2013Published 2013-04-15


Santiago’s tale is set in Cuba from its waning days of glitter and influence overseen by Batista and unsavory characters such as ...Read Review

Joseph Shorey of Maine: On the Kennebec: Volume One: Volume 1

By William Michael Wochna - Published 2014Published 2014-04-26



In this first of a series set in early 19th century Maine, Joseph, a young farm boy, is recommended by best friend, George, ...Read Review