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Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

By Anne Rice - Published 2005


Biographical FictionEpic

In her infamous September 2004 posting on, Anne Rice made clear her abhorrence for editors who “distort, cut, or otherwise mutilate sentences ...Read Review

Blackbird House

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2004


Short Stories

Just before the Revolutionary War, a fisherman builds a cottage on the remote tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for the woman he loves. ...Read Review

Standing in the Rainbow

By Fannie Flagg - Published 2002



Welcome to Elmwood Springs, Missouri, a typical small town of 1940s rural America. Stop by Doc Smith’s pharmacy for a phosphate, and ...Read Review

Billie’s Kiss

By Elizabeth Knox - Published 2002



This novel opens in 1903 as Billie Paxton, her pregnant sister, Edith, and her brother-in-law, Henry, are traveling to a remote Scottish Island where ...Read Review