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The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club

By Helen Simonson - Published 2024


It’s 1919, the Great War is over, and everyone is expected to get back to their normal, meaning pre-war, lives. No one wants ...Read Review


By Francesca De Tores - Published 2024


Biographical Fiction

What a juicy subject for a historical novel—an infamous female buccaneer during the Golden Age of Piracy and her infamous shipmates, Anne ...Read Review


By Anne Michaels - Published 2024



The publisher’s blurb calls Held a “breathtaking and ineffable” novel, and it is. There is a dreamlike quality to this multi-decade, multi-generational ...Read Review

Library for the War-Wounded

By Monika Helfer - Published 2024


Set in Europe after the Second World War, this family novel focuses on the narrator’s father, Josef. Having lost his lower right ...Read Review

Let Us Descend

By Jesmyn Ward - Published 2023



Young Annis, an enslaved girl in the antebellum South, meets a series of misfortunes and is thrust into ever more hellish circumstances in ...Read Review

The Ghost Theatre

By Mat Osman - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In a fantastical yet mostly recognizable Elizabethan London, teenage Shay, a member of a bird-worshipping religion, joins up with a troupe of boy ...Read Review

The House of Doors

By Tan Twan Eng - Published 2023



Tan Twan Eng is not a prolific writer, but his books are worth waiting for. The House of Doors is set mainly in ...Read Review

Last House Before the Mountain

By Gillian Davidson (trans.) - By Monika Helfer - Published 2023


In 1914, Maria and Josef live with their children at the end of a valley in westernmost Austria. Their forefathers, poor itinerant laborers, arrived ...Read Review

Decent People

By De'Shawn Charles Winslow - Published 2023



In March 1976, Josephine Wright returns to West Mills, North Carolina, after spending most of her life in Harlem, New York. She’s relocating ...Read Review

Sell Us the Rope

By Stephen May - Published 2023



Russian revolutionist Josef Stalin (Koba) has come to London to attend the 5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in May 1907. ...Read Review

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