Blackwater Press


By Carter Seaton - Published 2023


On October 22, 2020, Judge Alexander C. Betts sits in his chambers reviewing transcripts and testimony from the bench trial of Sylvester “Sly” Thompson. The ...Read Review

The Marriage: The Mahlers in New York

By Joseph Horowitz - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Horowitz’s novel should appeal both to musical aficionados and those who know Gustav Mahler only from his music. We get a backstage ...Read Review


By Cameron Alam - Published 2023


Travelling to Ontario in 1804, the MacCallums and fourteen other Scottish families have great hopes for a new life. They are ill-prepared for Baldoon, ...Read Review

The Stone Maidens

By Ioulia Kolovou - Published 2022


In 1948, a schoolteacher comes to Milagros Riquelme’s dusty village in rural Argentina for the first time. The young girl, whose family had ...Read Review