Blackstone Publishing

Right Back Where We Started From

By Joy Lanzendorfer - Published 2021



From the 1852 Gold Rush era to 1942 during World War II, this multi-generational novel speaks of regaining what’s lost and which you believe ...Read Review

Point Zero

By Joy Lanzendorfer - By Narek Malian - Published 2020Published 2021


Point Zero tells three separate stories concurrently. Although they are intercut with each other, they deal with different people at different times and ...Read Review

The Rebel Nun

By Marj Charlier - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Poitiers, 588. For many noblewomen seeking an alternative to marriage and the perils of childbirth, royal monasteries provided a quiet solution. For Clotild, granddaughter ...Read Review

All the Cowboys Ain’t Gone

By John J. Jacobson - Published 2021



…They’re off to join the French Foreign Legion! Or that’s Lincoln Smith’s ambition, at least. A young Texan around the ...Read Review

Nemesis and the Swan

By Lindsay K. Bandy - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Lindsay K. Bandy has written a brilliant young adult novel set during the French Revolution. In 1792, nineteen-year-old aristocrat Hélène d’Aubign ...Read Review

Escaping Dreamland: A Novel

By Charlie Lovett - Published 2020


Lovett’s atmospheric fifth outing is the first set in his native United States and sparkles with all the intrigue and rich historical ...Read Review

Etiquette for Runaways

By Liza Nash Taylor - Published 2020


Taylor chooses two iconic Jazz-Age settings—New York and Paris—for this roller-coaster of a historical novel. May Valentine Marshall is a girl ...Read Review

The Brief and True Report of Temperance Flowerdew

By Denise Heinze - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

A historical woman with the delightful name of Temperance Flowerdew played a crucial role in the early colony of Jamestown, Virginia. She married ...Read Review

Spindle City

By Jotham Burrello - Published 2020


Fall River, Massachusetts is the setting for this novel that is as much about the town as it is about its people. The ...Read Review

While the Music Played

By Nathaniel Lande - Published 2020


Max Mueller has been serenaded by the finest music since birth, for his Berlin-born father is the lionized conductor of Prague’s symphony ...Read Review