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The Brief and True Report of Temperance Flowerdew

By Denise Heinze - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

A historical woman with the delightful name of Temperance Flowerdew played a crucial role in the early colony of Jamestown, Virginia. She married ...Read Review

Spindle City

By Jotham Burrello - Published 2020


Fall River, Massachusetts is the setting for this novel that is as much about the town as it is about its people. The ...Read Review

While the Music Played

By Nathaniel Lande - Published 2020


Max Mueller has been serenaded by the finest music since birth, for his Berlin-born father is the lionized conductor of Prague’s symphony ...Read Review


By Edward A. Farmer - Published 2020



It’s 1966 and Bernice, adrift since her husband disappeared six months ago, joins her brother Floyd in Mississippi to work on a cotton ...Read Review

The Queen of Paris: A Novel of Coco Chanel

By Pamela Binnings Ewen - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel will always be known as an iconic symbol of couture and high-end perfume. In The Queen of Paris, the reader ...Read Review

The Absinthe Earl: The Faery Rehistory Series, Book 1

By Sharon Lynn Fisher - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Dublin, Ireland, 1882: Miss Ada Quicksilver, “a quiet and unimportant English woman,” has just a touch of an Irish and mystical heritage in her ...Read Review

Blackberry and Wild Rose

By Sonia Velton - Published 2019


This debut novel by Sonia Velton is set in Spitalfields, London, in the late 18th century when the Huguenots had brought the silk ...Read Review