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The Rossetti Diaries

By Kathleen Williams Renk - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

In the mid-19th century, a group of rebel artists challenged the art establishment with their avant-garde ideas, techniques, and behavior. These were ...Read Review

Catharine, Queen of the Tumbling Waters

By Cynthia G. Neale - Published 2023


This novel is a compelling narrative of Catharine Montour, a Métis (mixed French and Native heritage) woman who lived in Pennsylvania and ...Read Review

Indelible Link

By Juni Fisher - Published 2022


The Louisiana Gulf Coast in the 1940s and 50s, a traveling circus, tattooed performers… all the settings for a potentially bucolic tale.  Instead, ...Read Review

Home Front Lines

By Brenda Sparks Prescott - Published 2021



At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, Betty Anne Johnson is an African American military wife and mother stationed at ...Read Review

Blackbird Blues

By Jean K Carney - Published 2019


In her debut novel, Jean K. Carney chronicles the story of aspiring jazz singer Mary Kaye in Chicago during the 1960s. When Kaye’...Read Review

Judging Noa

By Michal Strutin - Published 2018


Judging Noa fictionalizes the incident from the Book of Numbers and Joshua in the Bible where five daughters of Zelophechad petition to be ...Read Review