Love and Gravity

By Samantha Sotto - Published 2016



Eminent 17th-century scientist Sir Isaac Newton never married, and he reportedly wasn’t romantically involved with anyone. What if that wasn’t true? ...Read Review

Revenge in a Cold River

By Anne Perry - Published 2016



Revenge in a Cold River is the 22nd in Anne Perry’s mystery series set in 1860s London, featuring Commander William Monk of ...Read Review

Valley of the Moon

By Melanie Gideon - Published 2016



Lux is a single mom, with a penchant for making bad life decisions, living in the San Francisco area in the 1970s. She ...Read Review

The Virgin’s War

By Laura Andersen - Published 2016


Alternate History

Andersen brings her alternate history series (the linked Boleyn and Tudor Legacy trilogies) to a close in this exciting sixth volume. Queen Elizabeth ...Read Review

The Pursuit of Pearls

By Jane Thynne - Published 2016



The newest entry in the Clara Vine series, The Pursuit of Pearls takes place in 1939 Berlin. As tensions in Germany are building, and ...Read Review

At the Edge of Summer

By Jessica Brockmole - Published 2016


In 1911, fifteen-year-old Clare Ross has suffered the death of her father and an earlier abandonment by her artist mother. She’s whisked from ...Read Review

Cooking for Picasso

By Camille Aubray - Published 2016


In the spring of 1936, Pablo Picasso is living under an assumed name in the village of Juan-les-Pins and seventeen-year-old Ondine has been tasked ...Read Review

Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen

By Alison Weir - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

Historian and biographer, Alison Weir, embarks on a new series of novels examining in turn the lives of each of Henry VIII’s ...Read Review

Lilac Girls

By Martha Hall Kelly - Published 2016


It might seem that New York socialite Caroline Ferriday, German doctor Herta Oberheuser, and Polish teenager Kasia Kuzmerick have nothing in common. However, ...Read Review

The Virgin’s Spy

By Laura Andersen - Published 2015


AdventureAlternate History

Laura Andersen continues to explore her alternative history of Elizabethan England, in which Queen Elizabeth I has a daughter with King Philip II ...Read Review