Woman Enters Left

By Jessica Brockmole - Published 2017


Fans of “on the road” stories will love this dual-period novel, which follows two friends, aspiring writer Florrie Daniels and abandoned housewife Ethel ...Read Review

Love and Other Consolation Prizes

By Jamie Ford - Published 2017


A few years after being transported to Seattle, Ernest Young, a mixed-race orphan from China, finds the course of his future altered dramatically ...Read Review

The Frozen Hours

By Jeff Shaara - Published 2017



In June 1950, after the North Korean army invades South Korea, heading below the 38th parallel, the United Nations votes to mobilize armed forces ...Read Review

The Dream Keeper’s Daughter

By Emily Colin - Published 2017



A relaxed pace and descriptive indulgence characterize this tantalizing tale of supernatural time travel. The story opens in Barbados, where archaeologist Isabel Griffin ...Read Review

Anne Boleyn, a King’s Obsession (Six Tudor Queens)

By Alison Weir - Published 2017Published 2017-05-16


Biographical Fiction

This is a stunning, engaging, comprehensive and convincing novel. It opens with 11-year-old Anne about to depart from Hever to become one of ...Read Review

The Witchfinder’s Sister

By Beth Underdown - Published 2017


It’s 1645 in England as Alice Hopkins, a lost and penniless widow, returns to her brother Matthew’s home. Her once-shy brother has ...Read Review

Murder on the Serpentine: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel

By Anne Perry - Published 2017



Commander Thomas Pitt, Head of Special Branch, is summoned to Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria needs Pitt to fully investigate what police have ruled ...Read Review

The Shadow Land

By Elizabeth Kostova - Published 2017



Kostova’s third novel (after The Historian and The Swan Thieves) is a road trip adventure mixed with mystery, literary fiction, and a ...Read Review

Before We Were Yours

By Lisa Wingate - Published 2017


Before We Were Yours begins in 1939 on a Mississippi River shanty, the Arcadia. The Foss family—parents Queenie and Briny, and their five ...Read Review

A Christmas Message

By Anne Perry - Published 2016



Anne Perry’s fans always look forward to her Victorian-era holiday mysteries. They might do well to skip this one. In the 14th ...Read Review