Austin & Macauley

The Day the Sun Fell

By Bun Hashizume - Published 2019



On August 6, 1945, fourteen-year-old Bun Hashizume started her day in Hiroshima under a serene, blue sky. She walked along the road on her way ...Read Review

Rogue Malory

By Helen - By Maskew - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

The writing of Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur as if told by Monty Python. From his cell in Newgate Prison ...Read Review

Carminow: The King’s Cornishman

By Elsie Balme - Published 2013


Roger de Carminow is a second son, named after his father, sent to a monastery at an early age and soon becomes the ...Read Review

Carenza’s Journey

By Felicity Knight - Published 2013


Carenza Dodds is one of many born to poverty and depression in the East End of London. Her mother wants more for her ...Read Review

Dead Man’s Hill

By George Peter Algar - Published 2012



This is the sequel to Algar’s first novel, The Shepherd Lord, and continues the story of Lord Henry Clifford. Clifford, after his ...Read Review

28 Bunkers

By Elizabeth Braun - Published 2012


28 Bunkers by Elizabeth Braun is an immaculately researched WWII drama about the Allied bombings of Ludwigshafen, an industrial city in Germany. Told in ...Read Review

The Boy Who Felt No Pain

By George Chittenden - Published 2013


When croaky-voiced fisherman Billy Bates decided he was going to try his hand at smuggling, he did so under cover of storm and ...Read Review

The Boy Who Led Them

By George Chittenden - Published 2013



In the present day, a young and troubled boy, Stanley, finds a centuries-old message in a bottle washed ashore. In his quest to ...Read Review

The Matthew Chance Legacy

By Stephen F. Clegg - Published 2013



The follow-up to the acclaimed Maria’s Papers sees the intrepid Naomi Wilkes once again on an adventure that will see her face ...Read Review

Maria’s Papers

By Stephen F. Clegg - Published 2012



The complicated history of the Chance family is revealed in this dual-time historical narrative which exposes the treacherous history of murder, intrigue, and ...Read Review