Atria Books

The Book of Science and Antiquities

By Thomas Keneally - Published 2019



Award-winning documentary filmmaker Shelby Apple is approaching the end of his days after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2015. As he contemplates his ...Read Review

The Paris Library

By Janet Skeslien Charles - Published 2021


Charles frames her dual narrative with the voices of Odile, a young woman working at the American Library in Paris (ALP) from the ...Read Review

The Light After the War

By Anita Abriel - Published 2020


Inspired by her mother’s story of survival during the Holocaust, Anita Abriel relates the tale of two young women trying to carve ...Read Review

We Are All Good People Here

By Susan Rebecca White - Published 2019


In 1962 in Roanoke, Virginia, two freshman students, Eve and Daniella, meet at Belmont College. Although they are from differing backgrounds – Eve from an ...Read Review

House on Endless Waters

By Emuna Elon - Published 2020



An Israeli author, whose mother escaped from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam with him and his sister, travels to the land of his birth to promote ...Read Review

Cartier’s Hope: A Novel

By M.J. Rose - Published 2020


New York, 1910. Pierre Cartier has acquired the Hope Diamond, along with its infamous bad luck, and Vera Garland is intrigued by its myths. ...Read Review

The Women of the Copper Country

By Mary Doria Russell - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1913, the seeds for the copper mine union are sown by the death of a Finnish drill operator. Led by the intrepid Anna ...Read Review

Marley: A Novel

By Jon Clinch - Published 2019


Marley was not dead, to begin with. This novel undoes the famous first line of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, presenting the story of ...Read Review

Mrs. Everything

By Jennifer Weiner - Published 2019


Spanning seventy years in two sisters’ lives, this is Jennifer Weiner’s first historical novel, and it’s an impressive one. As children, ...Read Review

The Accomplice: A Novel

By Joseph Kanon - Published 2019



“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves,” an old Nazi hunter observes, citing Confucius. The Accomplice is a journey ...Read Review