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Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade

By Janet Skeslien Charles - Published 2024


Following on her best-selling The Paris Library, Charles returns to the book stacks for a dual-timeline novel centered on the Great War and ...Read Review

Spitting Gold

By Carmella Lowkis - Published 2024


Baroness Sylvie Devereux and her sister, Charlotte Mothe, agree to pull off one last scam in this gothic, sapphic romance, set in Paris ...Read Review

The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye

By Briony Cameron - Published 2024


Briony Cameron’s queer, feminist seafaring romance debut begins in Yaquimo (now Jacmel), Saint-Domingue, in 1655. Jacquotte Delahaye works as a skilled shipwright, with ...Read Review

The Order of the Furies: 1795 (The Wolf and the Watchman Book 3)

By Niklas Natt och Dag - Published 2024



This is the third in a trilogy set in 18th-century Stockholm, and a fitting finale to a tale that is pervasively dark, gripping, ...Read Review

The Widow Spy

By Megan Campisi - Published 2024


Campisi’s premise is quite intriguing and based on a real situation: Kate Warne, Pinkerton’s first female detective and a Union spy, ...Read Review


By Eilish Quin - Published 2024



Quin’s Medea joins the current renaissance of retellings that recast the stories of maligned or ignored women from Greek mythology. Redeeming Medea, ...Read Review

To Woo and to Wed (The Regency Vows)

By Martha Waters - Published 2024



Sophie and her sister Alexandra are both young widows, but when the latter seems hesitant to remarry, Sophie suspects it is because she ...Read Review

The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius, Power, and Deception on the Eve of World War I

By Douglas Brunt - Published 2023



While the Dutch steamer Coertzen is sailing across the English Channel in October 1913, a body is spotted in the water. Because of bloat ...Read Review

The River We Remember

By William Kent Krueger - Published 2023



What’s not to love in this absorbing, moving novel? The River We Remember has all the page-turning propulsion of an intriguing murder ...Read Review

The General and Julia

By Jon Clinch - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

In the author’s note, Clinch asserts: “We understand the hearts and minds of our loved ones not by the use of some ...Read Review

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