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Anywhere But Home

By Daniel Speck - By Jaime McGill (trans.) - Published 2020



Milan, 2014. After an exhausting fashion show, 36-year-old Julia, a German dress designer, meets an older, distinguished-looking German gentleman. He introduces himself as Vincent, ...Read Review

The Master’s Apprentice: A Retelling of the Faust Legend

By Oliver Pötzsch - Published 2020


Pötzsch’s popular Hangman’s Daughter series of historical mysteries has reached eight volumes, but the prolific author switches gears in this ...Read Review

The Girl with the Golden Scissors

By Julia Drosten - Published 2020


This novel is a mesmerizing story of an orphaned little girl growing up in Vienna in the years before World War I. It ...Read Review

The Shattered Portrait (Belle Epoque Mystery)

By Alexandra Maldwyn-Davies (trans.) - By Alice Quinn - Published 2020



Quinn’s second mystery in the Belle Époque series is set in Cannes, using the 1883 real estate scandal of the ‘Boulevard de la ...Read Review

The Binder of Lost Stories

By Cristina Caboni - Published 2020


In Rome, Sofia is unhappy in her childless five-year marriage to Alberto, a businessman. She misses her former life as a librarian, her ...Read Review

The King of Warsaw

By Szczepan Twardoch - Published 2020



Imagine a Polish, Jewish Godfather. Imagine one more brutal, more alien, more complex, eerier, and better written than Mario Puzo’s 1969 blockbuster. Like ...Read Review

The Price of Paradise

By Susana López Rubio - Published 2019


In search of a better life, Patricio leaves Spain and arrives in Havana in 1947. He finds work at the luxurious department store, El ...Read Review

A Distant Hope (The Hansen Family Saga)

By Ellin Carsta - By Gerald Chapple (trans.) - Published 2019



The “Distant Hope” in this book is supposed to be a cocoa plantation in Cameroon. In 1880s, the Hansens, a family of German ...Read Review

Stars in His Eyes

By Adrian Nathan West (trans.) - By Marti Gironell - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1949, twenty-one-year-old Ceferino Carrión flees Barcelona to escape Franco’s violent regime and evade mandatory military service. He stows away on a ...Read Review

The First Mrs. Rothschild

By Sara Aharoni - By Yardenne Greenspan (trans.) - Published 2019



With her third novel, a prizewinner in Israel, Sara Aharoni illuminates the matriarch of an international banking dynasty, perhaps the most famous in ...Read Review