A John Scognamiglio Book

The Woman in the Castello

By Kelsey James - Published 2023



Rome, 1965. When Cinecittà Studios cancels the movie Silvia Whitford has been hired for, she seeks out her reclusive, estranged aunt Gabriella in the ...Read Review

Such Good Friends: A Novel of Truman Capote & Lee Radziwill

By Stephen Greco - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Truman Capote and his circle of wealthy women friends – his swans – defined New York City’s high society of the 1960s and ´70s.  ...Read Review

The Seamstress of New Orleans

By Diane C. McPhail - Published 2022


Set in New Orleans, a bustling commercial center dominated by wealthy white men, this novel celebrates the nascent movement to empower women. The ...Read Review

A Light Beyond the Trenches

By Alan Hlad - Published 2022



In 1915 the first chemical weapons attack, loosed by the German Army at Ypres, injures German soldiers in a case of “friendly fire,” and ...Read Review

Churchill’s Secret Messenger

By Alan Hlad - Published 2021


Rose Teasdale is a typist in Room 60 deep beneath the Treasury building in London. When her supervisor comes to the room with a ...Read Review

All the Forgivenesses

By Elizabeth Hardinger - Published 2019


All the Forgivenesses is a wrenching read. It begins in dirt-poor Kentucky in 1906 and concludes in the oil boom in Kansas, a few ...Read Review

The Long Flight Home

By A.L. Hlad - By Alan Hlad - Published 2019


In September 1940, England’s war with Germany is a year old. France has surrendered, British soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk in June, and in ...Read Review

The Abolitionist’s Daughter

By Diane C. McPhail - Published 2019


In 1859, Emily Matthews is living a privileged but sheltered life. Her father, a judge, opposes slavery and has illegally educated the slaves he’...Read Review