The Queen’s Player: The Lost Years of William Shakespeare Book 2

By Anthony R Wildman - Published 2022


The Queen’s Player is the second in a trilogy, The Lost Years of William Shakespeare, set during the golden age of Elizabethan ...Read Review

Murder on Oak Street (A South Shore Mystery Book 1)

By I. M. Foster - Published 2022



Jilted at the altar, Daniel O’Halleran accepts a job that combines his two passions: medicine and criminal investigation. He moves to Patchogue, ...Read Review

The Dawning: 31,000 BC

By Richard W. Wise - Published 2022


I recently saw a documentary about the Lagar Vehlo child, a prehistoric skeleton discovered in Portugal twenty or so years ago. What is ...Read Review

Man of Sorrows: A Medieval Christian Romance (Tales of the Clans)

By M. N. Stroh - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

This first in a four-part series takes place in a scrupulously researched mid-10th century Ireland amid warring clans and Danish invaders. Subtitled “...Read Review

The Haunting Scent of Poppies

By Victoria Williamson - Published 2022



Hampshire, Christmas 1918: lying low to avoid the consequences of a botched job back in London, criminal Charlie Briggs thinks his fortune is made, ...Read Review

Crow Stone

By Gabriele Goldstone - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Throughout human history, women have been the victors’ spoils of war. Revenge is a factor, but more to the point, it’s easy ...Read Review

Murder on the Oceanic (Ocean Liner Mysteries, 7)

By Edward Marston - Published 2022



The seventh in the Ocean Liner series sees our on-board detectives, the married duo George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield, embark on the ...Read Review

The Heretic’s Servant

By Deanne Adams - Published 2022


Molly is servant to the Sherbourne Family and has cared for her beloved mistress, Kate, since they were both little more than children, ...Read Review

Yellow Sky Revolt (The Three Kingdoms Chronicles Book 1)

By Baptiste Pinson Wu - Published 2022



Liao Hua, a defeated general, dictates his story to keep alive the memory of his fallen comrades and to recount the upheaval in ...Read Review

The Elemental Detectives

By Patrice Lawrence - Published 2022


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

A sleeping sickness has fallen across London, and the city’s elementals – spirits of Air, Water, Fire and Earth – worry that they will ...Read Review