Natalya (Flight of the Night Witches)

By Heidi Vanlandingham - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Natalya Volkov is a Russian pilot for the all-female 588th Night Bomber Regiment during the Second World War. When the bombers were close ...Read Review

When the Lyrebird Calls

By Kim Kane - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Twelve-year-old, athletic Madeleine is staying with her eccentric grandmother, Mum Crum, for the holidays. She expects the vacation to be dull and is ...Read Review

The Mortality in Lies

By Scott Gibson - Published 2019



Gibson’s debut offers a fascinating take on two scandals that shook the French government in the 1890s. The novel begins when Percival ...Read Review

Lost Saints (Lazare Family Saga)

By Elizabeth Bell - Published 2019



Charleston, South Carolina, 1840s. This second book in the Lazare Family Saga picks up right where the first in the series left off, ...Read Review

The Great Animal Escapade

By Jane Kerr - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Manchester, England, 1872, the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens. Danny, a young boy, used to live on the streets, surviving as a pickpocket. Now he ...Read Review

The Moss House

By Clara Barley - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1832 Yorkshire, Miss Lister, part-owner of Shibden Hall, and Miss Walker, a neighbour and wealthy heiress, strike up a particular friendship, although it ...Read Review

A Tudor Turk (The Chronicles of Will Ryde and Awa Maryam Al-Jameel)

By Rehan Khan - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Istanbul, 1591. Sultan Murad III has been robbed. The Staff of Moses, a priceless symbol of wealth and power, has been stolen from his ...Read Review

Threads: A Depression Era Tale

By Charlotte Whitney - Published 2019


This story is about three sisters who live with their parents on a farm in Michigan. It is 1934, the heart of the Great ...Read Review

The Saracen: A Tale of Medival Spain

By Lynna Banning - Published 2019


The Reconquista in 12th-century Spain comes alive in this tale of conflict and love between Christians and Saracens, also called Moors. Young Christian ...Read Review

Death of a Dove

By Griselda Gifford - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Griselda Gifford is a prolific writer of children’s books, and her latest is aimed at the teenage and young adult end of ...Read Review