1888 the Dead & the Desperate: A Story of Struggle, Passion, and Deceit

By A. E. Wasserman - Published 2019



When the bloodied body of a man is discovered in one of the seedier districts of London, Inspector Abberline takes measures to protect ...Read Review

The Naming Game (The Company Files)

By Gabriel Valjan - Published 2019



Charles Loew, a studio writer for Warner Brothers Pictures, is found dead, shot in the back of the head at close range, a .22 ...Read Review

Maria II

By Isabel Stilwell - By Martha Stilwell D’Andrade (trans.) - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Not many English-speaking readers will have heard of Dona Maria II, Queen of Portugal – and to add her full title “Portugal and the ...Read Review

The Bee and the Orange Tree

By Melissa Ashley - Published 2019


This bustling book is set in Paris in 1699, under the reign of Louis XIV. It explores the lives of a group of female ...Read Review

The Opium Lord’s Daughter

By Robert T. Wang - Published 2019


Lee Su-Mei is an unconventional guan (nobleman’s) daughter: she refuses to let her feet be bound, and she drives her father to ...Read Review

Origins: Song of the King’s Heart

By Nicole Sallak Anderson - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

205 BCE. Prince Ankhmakis is the second son of the last native Egyptian king. Natasa is training to be the High Priestess of Isis. ...Read Review

The Priest’s Son (Dodnash Priory Chronicles)

By Nicky Moxey - Published 2019


Early 12th century: When Jean’s father leaves France for the Levant, he sends his young son to Dodnash Priory in England, to ...Read Review

All the Flowers in Paris: A Novel

By Sarah Jio - Published 2019


It’s 2009, and Caroline has just come face-to-face with a man from her past – a past she’s been running from. In her ...Read Review

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg

By Klaus Gietinger - By Loren Balhorn (trans.) - Published 2019



It is the post-WWI period, and Germany is in the slouch of defeat. A revolutionary air is passing through the country. The radical ...Read Review

A Book of Secrets

By Kate Morrison - Published 2019


The central character of Susan Charlewood looms large in this impressive debut by a former journalist and press officer. The book was longlisted ...Read Review