City of Stones

By Dan Cohen - Published 2019



Valen and Cohen have collaborated on an intricate (sometimes too intricate) tale of police corruption, anti-Semitism, and fraud in 1950s Minneapolis. Detective Jake ...Read Review

The Spice King (Hope and Glory)

By Elizabeth Camden - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

Annabelle Larkin, recent graduate of Kansas State Agricultural College, is trying to turn her temporary position as botanical specialist at the Smithsonian Institution ...Read Review

The Literary Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1 and 2

By Daniel D. Victor - Published 2019



A very entertaining and often enlightening read. Holmes and Watson, in their traditional Conan Doyle personas, encounter several real-life literary greats who were ...Read Review

Only Gossip Prospers: A Novel of Louisa May Alcott in New York

By Lorraine Tosiello - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Following the success of her novel Little Women, Louisa May Alcott took an extended trip to New York City. Only Gossip Prospers presents ...Read Review

Courting Anna: Women of Destiny

By Cate Simon - Published 2019



Anna Harrison is a lawyer in late 19th-century Montana and somewhat of a celebrity due to her sex and her refusal to marry ...Read Review

Artist on Campaign

By Caroline Miley - Published 2019



In 1809, London artist Ralph Oughtred has no interest in war until he is given a commission by the British Horse Guards to paint ...Read Review

When They Made Us Leave

By Annette Oppenlander - Published 2019


A seldom-told story of World War II involves what happened to children too young to serve but old enough to understand and experience ...Read Review

In Northern Seas (Alexander Clay)

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2019



1801: The long war against Napoleon rages across land and sea.  Alexander Clay, captain of the new Royal Navy frigate Griffin, is ordered to ...Read Review

Miss Lucy

By William Orem - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

From a debilitating childhood illness, to civil servant, to beneficiary of Henry Irving’s coveted patronage, to Acting Manager of the West End’...Read Review

Song of the Nightingale

By Marilyn - By Pemberton - Published 2019


Marilyn Pemberton’s unconvincing novel takes on the fascinating and complex subject of the practice of the castration of young boys in order ...Read Review