Nightfall over Shanghai

By Daniel Kalla - Published 2016


Dr. Franz Adler, a refugee from Germany, and his Eurasian wife, Sunny, a native of Shanghai, live through the Japanese occupation in 1944. Several ...Read Review

Dear Miss Karana

By Eric Elliott - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

Tíshmal Wáaşaq is a ten-year-old Native American girl living on a reservation in Southern California. After reading Island of the ...Read Review

The Tea Planter’s Wife

By Dinah Jefferies - Published 2015Published 2016Published 2016-09-13


Gwendolyn Hooper is newly married to a tea plantation owner and is keen to join him in Ceylon. She seems at ease with ...Read Review

The Lady of Misrule

By Suzannah Dunn - Published 2015Published 2016Published 2017-06-28


Biographical Fiction

The Lady of Misrule could be Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen, or it could be her newly-appointed companion, Elizabeth Tilney. Elizabeth ...Read Review

The Letter Bearer: A Novel

By Robert Allison - Published 2015Published 2016Published 2016-02-25



The Letter Bearer tells a story reminiscent of The English Patient, about a World War Two motorcycle courier whose bike runs over a ...Read Review

Woman in the Shadows (Clara Vine)

By Jane Thynne - Published 2014Published 2016Published 2016-09-06



Clara Vine is an actress, working in Germany, but she hides a deep secret. She is an undercover British Intelligence agent in a ...Read Review