The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom

By Alison Love - Published 2014Published 2016


The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom is a sweeping novel that explores humanity, family loyalty, and national prejudice in the face of war. ...Read Review

Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal

By Margarita Engle - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultLiterary

Fourteen-year-old Mateo is desperate to escape Cuba and an abusive father scarred by the war with Spain. The Americanos are promising extravagant pay ...Read Review

The Demon’s Blood

By Desmond Seward - Published 2014



This is a factual history of the House of Plantagenet from 1147, when Empress Matilda’s son, Henry, landed in Dorset with a few ...Read Review

Demon Hunter Severian – Lady of the Night Gates

By Giovanni Anastasi - Published 2014



Demon Hunter Severian is an exciting tale of mystery and action about Aurelius Severian, a demon hunter who works for the Holy Roman ...Read Review

Whore of Babylon

By Azaria Frost - Published 2014


We meet Eliana some months after the Babylonians have conquered her city of Nippur. Her sister is on the eve of marrying the ...Read Review

Hannah Duff

By Jim Burnside - Published 2014



“By 1909 Hannah’s education has been curtailed. On her last day she plans to daub the bustle of Queen Victoria’s statue in ...Read Review

The Funny Thing About War

By Al Campo - Published 2014



The Funny Thing About War, Al Campo’s big, warm-hearted, and often quite funny debut novel, centers on twenty-two-year-old Chris Columbo, a smart, ...Read Review

The Paper Caper

By Tim Topps - Published 2014



Tim Topps is both our narrator and our hero in this post war/cold war ripping yarn style adventure. Called up for National ...Read Review

Annaliese from Off

By Lindy Keane Carter - Published 2014


The action of Lindy Keane Carter’s deeply impressive debut novel Annaliese From Off starts in relative domestic tranquility: in 1900, young mother, Annaliese ...Read Review

Orphans and Inmates

By Rosanne L. Higgins - Published 2014



Seventeen-year-old Irish immigrant, Ciara Sloane, begins her adventures at the start of Rosanne Higgins’ novel Orphans and Inmates in the teeth of almost ...Read Review