The Cult of Nostalgia

By Bruce Bruschi - Published 2013


This debut novel is an eclectic multi-period mix of romance, comedy, travelogue and an invocation of Jazz Age literary Paris. In Noughties San ...Read Review


By John Meade Falkner - Published 2013Published c1898


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

This is a first-rate adventure story, beautifully set in an 18th-century Dorset fishing community, with tales of skulduggery, smuggling, hidden treasure, greed, treachery, ...Read Review

The Boy on the Wooden Box

By Elisabeth B. Leyson - By Leon Leyson - By Marilyn J. Harran - Published 2013



This inspiring memoir is a perfect way to introduce young children to Holocaust literature. Leon Leyson was born Leib Lejzon in a rural ...Read Review

Vespasian IV: Rome’s Fallen Eagle

By Robert Fabbri - Published 2013



The new addition to Fabbri’s saga of Vespasian, Rome’s Fallen Eagle, begins in AD 41 with the assassination of Caligula and the ...Read Review

Night Boat

By Alan Spence - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

At the foot of Mount Fuji towards the end of the 17th century, eight year-old Iwajiro attends a lecture on the Eight Hot ...Read Review

More Than Gold

By Janis Pegrum Smith - Published 2013



More than Gold by Janis Pegrum Smith takes the reader to the times of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush. It is an accomplished historical ...Read Review

Castles, Customs, and Kings: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors

By Debra Brown (ed.) - By M. M. Bennetts (ed.) - Published 2013



Covering history from the pre-Roman period to the 20th century, this superb, and hefty,  book is a compilation of intriguing and interesting essays ...Read Review

To Forestall the Darkness

By Vann Turner - Published 2013


Turner’s gripping novel brings alive a period of history seldom visited by historical fiction: sixth- century Italy at a time when waves ...Read Review

Honors Rendered

By Robert N. Macomber - Published 2013



In 1889, Lt. Commander Peter Wake is ordered to the Pacific island of Samoa. Trouble is brewing between the German presence in the Pacific ...Read Review

Tuscan Rose

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2012Published 2013


Bright, musically talented with both flute and piano, and extraordinarily sensitive toward animals and people, Rosa Bellocchi has been raised by the nuns ...Read Review