The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

By Tracy Farr - Published 2013Published 2016


Musical prodigy Lena Gaunt rises to fame and acclaim in the 1930s as the world’s most accomplished master of the theremin, a ...Read Review

The Lost Garden (Tales from Goswell)

By Katharine Swartz - Published 2013Published 2015


Alternating from past to present, this novel is set in the quaint village of Goswell on the Cumbrian Coast of North West England. ...Read Review

The Secrets of Casanova

By Greg Michaels - Published 2013



In 1755 Jacques Casanova, exiled from Venice, visits his brother in Paris and comes into possession of a mysterious scroll. Hoping it will provide ...Read Review

Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities

By Christian Cameron - Published 2013



This is the fifth novel in the author’s series set in the ancient world of Alexander the Great. Alexander himself is now ...Read Review

Carminow: The King’s Cornishman

By Elsie Balme - Published 2013


Roger de Carminow is a second son, named after his father, sent to a monastery at an early age and soon becomes the ...Read Review

Rainbows in the Clouds

By Elizabeth Revill - Published 2013



The third in the Llewellyn family saga, Ms Revill’s Rainbows in the Clouds does not fail to please. I have read the ...Read Review

A White Room

By Stephanie Carroll - Published 2013


Stephanie Carroll’s 2013 novel A White Room opens with an epigraph by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, which is apt, since the novel owes a ...Read Review

Malice Stalks the Leopard (Vespers Trilogy, Book Two)

By Lucia Olivia Lampe - By RM Vassari - Published 2013



“The sense of normalcy that settled over The Leopard after the Vespers massacre in 1282 is shattered by the brutal murder of the Archbishop ...Read Review

Days of Messiah: Volume One – The Healer’s Touch

By Amber Schamel - Published 2013



The first volume in Amber Schamel’s The Healer’s Touch series centers on a young Galilean mother named Aaliyah, who is contentedly ...Read Review

Turning Points

By Sian Turner - Published 2013


This is a coming of age novel set in the decades just after the end of WWII, with little Carys Bowen as the ...Read Review