Flora’s Wish

By Kathleen Y’Barbo - Published 2013



Flora Brimm needs a husband. An obscure clause in her grandfather’s will states that Flora will inherit the family home only if ...Read Review

The Light Behind the Window

By Lucinda Riley - Published 2012Published 2013


Lucinda Riley’s The Light Behind the Window is a romance that frequently pushes its sentimentality to the point of melodrama. Whereas Riley ...Read Review

Return of a King

By William Dalrymple - Published 2013



In the spring of 1839, British forces invaded Afghanistan for the first time, ostensibly to re-establish Shah Shuja ul-Malik on the throne he had ...Read Review

The Heretics

By Rory Clements - Published 2013



This is the fifth novel in Clements’ John Shakespeare series.  For the uninitiated, John Shakespeare is Will Shakespeare’s fictional elder brother who ...Read Review


By Andre Brink - Published 2012Published 2013



Philida is a knitting girl, a slave in the household of Cornelis Brink whose job is to knit clothes for the family. She ...Read Review

Amber Road

By Boyd Anderson - Published 2013


Singapore has long been a strategic British colony but, as 1941 dawns, its residents are ill-prepared for what is about to happen. Among them ...Read Review

The Secret of the Nightingale Palace

By Dana Sachs - Published 2013


In her second novel, Dana Sachs delivers a satisfying story about an estranged grandmother and granddaughter who are able to take a journey ...Read Review

Nancy: The Story of Lady Astor

By Adrian Fort - Published 2012Published 2013



This new biography of Nancy, Lady Astor (1879-1964) charts her astonishing life with wit and a lively intelligence. She was born in Virginia ...Read Review

Child of Vengeance

By David Kirk - Published 2013


Bennosuke is a lonely 13-year-old with a skin condition who lives in the village of Miyamoto and dreams of becoming a samurai warrior ...Read Review

Portraits of an Artist

By Mary F. Burns - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Portraits of an Artist is a novel about portraitist John Singer Sargent. Spanning 1882-1885, it follows Sargent’s intimate circle of friends through ...Read Review