A Study in Revenge

By Kieran Shields - Published 2013



1893, Portland, Maine. Deputy Marshal Archie Lean is called to investigate a burned body and strange occult symbols in an abandoned house. Even stranger ...Read Review

All for a Song

By Allison Pittman - Published 2013



Dorothy Lynn Dunbar is comfortable. She has her church, her family, and her devoted fiancé — the local pastor. She spends her days luxuriating ...Read Review

Hitler’s Angel

By William Osborne - Published 2013


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

The exciting premise of this book is to take two German children who have escaped the Nazis and send them back into harm’...Read Review

The Sign of the Weeping Virgin

By Alana White - Published 2013



If you love Italian history mixed with mystery, then The Sign of the Weeping Virgin is perfect! Author Alana White uses real historical ...Read Review

Once Again a Bride

By Jane Ashford - Published 2013



During the British Regency, Charlotte Rutherford Wylde has been married off at age 18 to Henry Wylde, a man 30 years her senior. Rather than ...Read Review

Death on a Pale Horse

By Donald Thomas - Published 2013



Donald Thomas’ sixth novel about the adventures of famed detective Sherlock Holmes does not disappoint. Capturing the tone and essence of the original ...Read Review

The Imposter Bride

By Nancy Richler - Published 2013


The imposter bride is Lily Azerov, a Jewish refugee from post-World War II Europe who comes to Montreal to marry Sol Kramer, with ...Read Review

Island: How Islands Transform the World

By J. Edward Chamberlin - Published 2013



Island is a compact but dense study of ocean islands from cultural, biological, geological, literary, and historical perspectives. There is much interesting information ...Read Review

The Forgotten Queen

By D.L. Bogdan - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The Tudors were a fiery, memorable family.  Headstrong, passionate, often foolhardy, restless… this describes the forgotten Tudor, Queen Margaret of Scotland.  She was ...Read Review

The Typewriter Girl

By Alison Atlee - Published 2013


Betsey Dobson is a vibrant, unconventional flower in a garden of hothouse heroines. The cover of this book, which depicts a demure-looking young ...Read Review