Navigating Early

By Clare Vanderpool - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

When his mother dies, Jack Baker, the son of a soldier in World War II, must go to live near his father’s ...Read Review

The Royal Physician’s Visit

By Per Olov Enquist - By Tiina Nunnally (trans.) - Published 2001Published 2013



In 1768 a magnetic, handsome German physician named Struensee became royal physician to King Christian VII of Denmark. Struensee was a man of the ...Read Review

Dark Prairie

By John D. Nesbitt - Published 2013



Nesbitt’s laconic 1890s Western opens when a stranger rides into the small town of Winsome, Wyoming. Dunbar has a lot of curiosity ...Read Review

Golden Girl

By Sarah Zettel - Published 2013


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Golden Girl is the second book in the American Fairy Trilogy. It continues the story of Carrie, a teenaged half-fae girl whose status ...Read Review

Sinners and the Sea: The Untold Story of Noah’s Wife

By Rebecca Kanner - Published 2013



In the vein of The Red Tent, which memorialized the little-known life of Jacob’s only daughter, Dinah, Sinners and the Sea purports ...Read Review

The Roots of Betrayal

By James Forrester - Published 2013



In the sequel to his novel Sacred Treason, James Forrester returns to the story of the Elizabethan herald, William Harley, known as Clarenceux. ...Read Review

The Importance of Being Wicked

By Victoria Alexander - Published 2013



The Importance of Being Wicked mixes romance and women’s history in equal measure and produces an enjoyable story. No self-respecting man would ...Read Review

Robert B. Parker’s Ironhorse

By Robert Knott - Published 2013



This is the fifth book in the Cole & Hitch saga, in which lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are again faced with ...Read Review

Little Exiles

By Robert Dinsdale - Published 2013


Convict transportation to Australia had ceased by the 1860s, but for the next century Britain sanctioned the exportation of another kind of human ...Read Review

The Ambassador’s Daughter

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2013


Margot Rosenthal spent the majority of the war in England with her father, a professor. Now her father is one of the diplomats ...Read Review