The Last Telegram

By Liz Trenow - Published 2013


In England in 1938, 18-year-old Lily Verner has exciting plans to travel to Switzerland. Then, upon returning home from Vienna, her brother tells her ...Read Review

The Center of the World

By Thomas Van Essen - Published 2013


J. M. W. Turner, the famed 19th-century British artist, is a master of color with a fiercely independent and iconoclastic personality. This is ...Read Review

Reading Children’s Literature: A Critical Introduction

By Carrie Hintz - By Eric L. Tribunella - Published 2013


Children/Young AdultNonfiction

Meaningful critical treatments of children’s literature are all too rare, and close examinations of children’s historical fiction are rarer still. With ...Read Review

Navigating Early

By Clare Vanderpool - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

When his mother dies, Jack Baker, the son of a soldier in World War II, must go to live near his father’s ...Read Review

The Manzoni Family

By Natalia Ginzburg - Published 2013


Biographical FictionLiterary

Alessandro Manzoni, the eminent author of I Promisse Sposi (The Betrothed) was a famous poet and novelist whose family is depicted herein in ...Read Review

The Texan Rides Alone

By Lauran Paine - Published 2013



Stormy Merrill rides into the remote MaraisValley, gets taken on as a hand by the Proctor ranch, and ends up as boss by ...Read Review

One Came Home

By Amy Timberlake - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

In 1871, thirteen-year-old Georgie Burkhardt refuses to believe that the body that was found in Dog Hollow, Wisconsin, is that of her older sister ...Read Review

Sinners and the Sea: The Untold Story of Noah’s Wife

By Rebecca Kanner - Published 2013



In the vein of The Red Tent, which memorialized the little-known life of Jacob’s only daughter, Dinah, Sinners and the Sea purports ...Read Review

The Roots of Betrayal

By James Forrester - Published 2013



In the sequel to his novel Sacred Treason, James Forrester returns to the story of the Elizabethan herald, William Harley, known as Clarenceux. ...Read Review

The Importance of Being Wicked

By Victoria Alexander - Published 2013



The Importance of Being Wicked mixes romance and women’s history in equal measure and produces an enjoyable story. No self-respecting man would ...Read Review