28 Bunkers

By Elizabeth Braun - Published 2012


28 Bunkers by Elizabeth Braun is an immaculately researched WWII drama about the Allied bombings of Ludwigshafen, an industrial city in Germany. Told in ...Read Review

Trade Winds to Meluhha

By Vasant Davé - Published 2012



“Samasin, an orphaned stable boy, rushes to help a foreigner sprawled with a slashed neck in a deserted tavern in Babylon. Gasping for ...Read Review

Fourth Crusade

By Mark Butler - Published 2012



One of the larger blots on the history of Christianity is the debacle of the Fourth Crusade, which essentially ended in April 1204, when ...Read Review

The Venetian Bargain

By Marina Fiorato - Published 2012Published 2014


It is the year 1576 on the Christian calendar, and the Ottoman Sultan means to take revenge on the Venetians for destroying his 300-ship ...Read Review

The Secret Life of William Shakespeare

By Jude Morgan - Published 2012Published 2014


Biographical FictionLiterary

We know little of the glovemaker’s son from Stratford. We know he was married at age 18 to Anne Hathaway, a woman six ...Read Review

The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals

By Wendy Jones - Published 2012Published 2014


Set in a small Welsh town in 1924, Jones’ novel meanders through, as the title indicates, the thoughts and happenings of a young man ...Read Review

The Forbidden

By F. R. Tallis - Published 2012Published 2014



In 1873, on a French island colony, Paul Clément witnesses the ritual murder of a young man who has apparently risen from the ...Read Review

Fashioning History: Current Practices and Principles

By Robert F. Berkhofer Jr. - Published 2012



This is a book on historical practice and the methods used to fashion the past. How should historians position themselves in order to ...Read Review

The Reflecting Man

By D. K. R. Boyd - Published 2012



Kurtis De’ath, the narrator of Boyd’s sprawling debut historical novel, is a “reflecting man” figure in the sense that through his ...Read Review

First Fury

By Thomas Macy - Published 2012



Against her parents’ wishes Ann, a native of Rochester, New York, leaves home with a man she believes she will marry. Abandoned instead, ...Read Review