All the Diamonds in the World

By Mark Guscin - Published 2011


The world of Byzantine Icon hunting is brought to life here by Mark Guscin. A scholar’s life is a lonely one, surrounded ...Read Review

How Angels Die

By David-Michael Harding - Published 2011


This riveting and thought-provoking historical tale is set in occupied France in 1944 and the French resistance fighters are hard at work infiltrating the ...Read Review

Jeremiah’s Hunger

By Elizabeth Osta - Published 2011



In the 1840s, the potato famine ravaged Ireland. Crop failures, starvation, and emigration to America reduced the population of the country up to 25%, ...Read Review

The Harbour

By Francesca Brill - Published 2011


A young American journalist is in Hong Kong primarily to write a society gossip book about the Soong sisters, three Chinese women with ...Read Review

Alone in the Classroom

By Elizabeth Hay - Published 2011Published 2012



Set in Canada and moving in time between more modern times and the era of the Great Depression, the novel centres around the ...Read Review

The Girl on the Cliff

By Lucinda Riley - Published 2011Published 2012



Riley’s second novel uses a familiar but intriguing device in which secrets of long ago impact a love story today. Moving from ...Read Review

The Damnation of John Donellan: A Mysterious Case of Death and Scandal in Georgian England

By Elizabeth Cooke - Published 2011Published 2012



Theodosius Boughton: youthful heir to a baronetcy, womanizing ne’er-do-well, a year from his inheritance … and dead. This nonfiction work boasts the enclosed ...Read Review

White Truffles in Winter

By N.M. Kelby - Published 2011Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

As his life draws to its close, the legendary Auguste Escoffier, whose recipes and system for running a kitchen form the foundation of ...Read Review

Life of a Sailor

By Frederick Chamier - Published 2011



Join the military and see the world! That was certainly true for young Frederick Chamier when he signed up with the British Navy ...Read Review

Strategos: Born in the Borderlands

By Gordon Doherty - Published 2011



As in Doherty’s superb novel Legionary, so too in Strategos: the story is set during a period of Roman history that most ...Read Review