Shadows in the Night

By Jane Finnis - Published 2003Published 2011Published 2012



This is the first in Jane Finnis’ Aurelia Marcella Mysteries, so we are introduced to the eponymous heroine who is the manager of ...Read Review

The Nine Day Queen

By Ella March Chase - Published 2011Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

This is much more the story of all three Grey sisters – Lady Jane, Lady Katherine and Lady Mary – than of the unfortunate Jane, ...Read Review

Pearl Lagoon

By Eric Burnett Timar - Published 2011


On page 207 of Pearl Lagoon, the narrator laments: “I still question my decision that night [but] I then find myself backing up that ...Read Review

Red Sky in Morning

By Paul Lynch - Published 2011



Coll Coyle makes a dreadful mistake that changes the course of his life and is set to lose everything as he stands up ...Read Review

The Flight of the Wretched: A Journey to the New World

By Michael E. McCarthy - Published 2011


Ireland in the 1830s is under unthinkable stress. Already divided into hostile groups – upper and lower class, Protestant and Catholic – thousands of Irish ...Read Review

The Blood Upon The Rose

By Tim Vicary - Published 2011



Set in Ireland in the year 1919 when tension is dividing the loyalties of family and friend alike, heiress Catherine O’Connell-Gort is torn ...Read Review

Cat and Mouse

By Tim Vicary - Published 2011



Set as the Great War of 1914 is about to break, Cat and Mouse is a gripping story of ideals, the fight for beliefs, ...Read Review

Gang Petition

By Peter St John - Published 2011


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

1941 – Britain is at war with Germany. But the children in the Lions Avenue Gang are focused on a predicament in their home town ...Read Review

In A Milk & Honeyed Land

By Richard Abbott - Published 2011


Alternate HistorySaga

We are introduced to the hill country of Canaan here and the life of a village priest.  His life, his loves, his family ...Read Review

The Balloonist

By MacDonald Harris - Published 2011Published c1976



It’s seldom you read a book that’s both funny and terrifying, deeply unsettling and deeply satisfying, all at once. The Balloonist ...Read Review