La Rochelle’s Road

By Tanya Moir - Published 2011



La Rochelle’s Road, an enthralling tale set on a wild seacoast in remote New Zealand, is an outstanding read that deserves more ...Read Review

Under the Hawthorn Tree

By Ai Mi - Published 2011



This novel first appeared on the pseudonymous author’s website in 2007, sold millions of copies, has been filmed, and is now available in ...Read Review

In the Mind’s Eye

By Barbara Ponomareff - Published 2011



In this novella set just after World War I, Caitlin, a newly graduated psychologist interning at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, grapples ...Read Review


By Ian Stewart - Published 2011



Stewart’s Nanyang is an immense narrative that begins with a pair of young Chinese siblings abducted by a Dutch raiding party but ...Read Review

By Loyalty Divided

By Francine Howarth - Published 2011Published 2013



The English Civil War was a horrific time in history. Families were split apart by fighting and no more is this keenly felt ...Read Review

When the Jungle is Silent

By James Boschert - Published 2011


Jason is stationed in Penang, an island just off the Malaysian coast, in 1964. Young and rudderless, he finds a purpose when he meets ...Read Review

The Bootlace Boys

By Eric Collinson - Published 2011


This vividly realistic, tightly-paced and gripping novel draws on diaries and military records to convey the story of Ted Smith. The story begins ...Read Review

Daniel Stein, Interpreter: A Novel in Documents

By Ludmila Ulitskaya - Published 2011Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

The phenomenal story of Holocaust survivor Oswald Rufeisen is fictionalized in Ulitskaya’s Daniel Stein, Interpreter. Rufeisen was able to save the lives ...Read Review

The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime

By Judith Flanders - Published 2011Published 2013



Cain might object to the theft of credit for his invention, but otherwise the title of this work sums things up rather nicely. ...Read Review

The Flight of the Wretched: A Journey to the New World

By Michael E. McCarthy - Published 2011


Ireland in the 1830s is under unthinkable stress. Already divided into hostile groups – upper and lower class, Protestant and Catholic – thousands of Irish ...Read Review