Look to the East

By Maureen Lang - Published 2009Published 2011



Set in the small village of Briecourt, France, during the early battles of World War I, Look to the East opens in the ...Read Review

Historical Fiction II: A Guide to the Genre

By Sarah Johnson - Published 2009


This is the definitive guide to historical fiction, written by professional librarian and our HNR editor, Sarah Johnson. Entries are admirably informative, yet ...Read Review

Montfort: The Early Years; The Viceroy; The Revolutionary; The Angel with the Sword

By Katherine Ashe - Published 2009Published 2010Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

When reading through the ample “historical context” notes that follow each volume of Katherine Ashe’s utterly remarkable tetralogy of novels based on ...Read Review

Defender of the Realm; Defender of the North

By Corey Holst - Published 2009Published 2011


In Holst’s enthusiastic and winning two-volume tale, likable, unassuming cobbler James Hoade falls in love, stumbles into warfare, gets knighted by the ...Read Review

Fox: Cromwell’s Spy

By Nick McCarty - Published 2009


John Fox is an expert scout, taking the practice into a sort of espionage where he can gain information in towns as well ...Read Review

The Assassin in the Marais

By Claude Izner - Published 2009Published 2011



The Assassin in the Marais is the fourth title in the Victor Legris mystery series set in Belle Époque Paris. For those unfamiliar ...Read Review

Whispers in the Sand

By Barbara Erskine - Published 2009Published 2011



After a 14-year stint as a trophy wife, Anna Fox is recently divorced and at loose ends. Her great-aunt Phyllis suggests that Anna ...Read Review

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

By Jamie Ford - Published 2009Published 2011



The year is 1986, and widower Henry Lee sees items from World War II discovered intact in a local hotel. The hotel has been ...Read Review

Champagne Haze

By David Shone - Published 2009



A group of former rugby players, all veterans of WWI who knew each other before the war, decide to have a bachelor party ...Read Review

The Chinaman’s Bastard

By Amanda Taylor - Published 2009



When Daniel Robertshaw is seen standing over a mysterious young woman, and that woman is later found dead and mutilated, the villagers of ...Read Review