2009 (UK)

The Women

By T.C. Boyle - Published 2008 (US)Published 2009 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

The visionary, egocentric subject of this book, architect/designer Frank Lloyd Wright, changed the course of history. Whatever his faults, foibles, or eccentricities, ...Read Review

Death of a Pilgrim

By David Dickinson - Published 2008 (US)Published 2009 (UK)



It is 1905 in New York City. Millionaire tycoon Michael Delaney’s son is near death at St. Vincent Hospital amidst avid prayers and ...Read Review


By Laurie Halse Anderson - Published 2008 (US)Published 2009 (UK)


Children/Young Adult

Teenaged Isabel and her five-year-old sister Ruth had understood they would be freed upon the death of their owner. But the recent Revolutionary ...Read Review

The Lost City of Z

By David Grann - Published 2008 (US)Published 2009 (UK)



Since the 15th century when Spanish invaders first contacted indigenous people in the Amazon basin, there have been rumors of a fabulous El ...Read Review

The Popes of Avignon: A Century in Exile

By Edwin Mullins - Published 2008 (US)Published 2009 (UK)



In the 14th century, Avignon, a small Provençal town beside the Rhone River, became the site of the papal court. Because of ...Read Review