The Creator’s Map

By Emilio Calderón - By Katherine Silver (trans.) - Published 2008



For the first few chapters, this is a Da Vinci Code-style thriller. Rival groups of unscrupulous men from sinister organisations (Himmler’s SS, ...Read Review

The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite

By Beatrice Colin - Published 2008


Born to a cabaret singer but orphaned in scandalous circumstances, Lilly is alone in the world. She is brought up at St. Xavier’...Read Review

East of the Sun

By Julia Gregson - Published 2008Published 2009


  The start of this novel, set in 1928, finds Viva Hollaway, a young woman in her mid-twenties, trying to put together a way ...Read Review

A Quiet Flame

By Philip Kerr - Published 2008Published 2009



Framed as a war criminal, ex-SS officer Bernie Gunther is forced to flee to Argentina with the likes of Adolph Eichmann for company. ...Read Review

The Winter Ground

By Catriona McPherson - Published 2008



The latest Dandy Gilver mystery is set in Perthshire in 1925/26 on the estate of Albert Wilson, a wealthy brickmaker (“the name tells you ...Read Review

South of the Border

By James Ryan - Published 2008


  Ireland 1942. Matt Duggan, fresh out of college, starts his first post as a teacher at the boys’ school in the small town ...Read Review

The Apothecary’s Daughter

By Julie Klassen - Published 2008



Lilly Haswell, an apothecary’s daughter from the village of Bedsley Priors, feels her luck has turned when her previously unknown aunt and ...Read Review

The Mark of Edain

By Pauline Chandler - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

History for animal lovers. Aoife, the niece of Caradoc the chieftain leading the struggle against the Romans in Britain, is captured in a ...Read Review

A World Away

By Pauline Francis - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

Set in the 1580s in England and Virginia, this is the love story of Nadie, a Native American girl from Secota, near Roanoke, ...Read Review

The Camel Who Crossed Australia

By Jackie French - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In 1861 Burke and Wills became the first white men to cross the Australian continent from the south to its north coast. Neither man ...Read Review

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