Touching Distance

By Rebecca Abrams - Published 2008


Based on a true story, this is an account of how Dr Alec Gordon struggles to understand how a mysterious disease, puerperal fever, ...Read Review

The Courtesan’s Secret

By Claudia Dain - Published 2008



The “secret” of Claudia Dain’s latest Regency is that it is laugh-out-loud funny. Lady Louisa Kirkland’s bid to retrieve her pearl ...Read Review

The Montmartre Investigation

By Claude Izner - By Isabel Reid (trans.) - By Lorenza Garcia (trans.) - Published 2008



This is the third in the series of crime novels featuring Parisian bookseller and amateur sleuth, Victor Legris. This time a series of ...Read Review

The Long Journey Home

By Laurel Means - Published 2008



After a lengthy tour of duty in the Civil War, Henry Morton returns to his home in Minnesota hoping to resume his life ...Read Review

For a Sack of Bones

By Cheryl Morgan (trans.) - By Lluís-Anton Baulenas - Published 2008



Awarded the highest prize in Catalan letters, the Ramon Llull Prize, this somber novel, first published in Spain, tells a tale in the ...Read Review

East of the Sun

By Julia Gregson - Published 2008


Rushed into paperback after having been chosen as one of Richard and Judy’s Summer Reads*, this novel tells the story of three ...Read Review

The Longest Road

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2008


This is a well-constructed novel with plenty going on as the excellently drawn characters interact in a Kent village and in London. The ...Read Review

Sword of the Highlands

By Veronica Wolff - Published 2008



Readers are whisked back in time in this sexy tale set in the Scottish Highlands. Magdalen Deacon, a curator at New York’s ...Read Review

A Rose for the Anzac Boys

By Jackie French - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

It is the year 1915. Margery (Midge) Macpherson is a 17-year-old New Zealand girl attending boarding school in England while her two brothers serve ...Read Review

Climbing the Stairs

By Padma Venkatraman - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

Fifteen-year-old Vidya lives in Bombay in British-occupied India. It is 1941, and while many other Brahmin girls are living cloistered, marriage-focused lives, Vidya has ...Read Review