From Penvarris with Love

By Rosemary Aitken - Published 2008



Spanning the First World War this romantic novel opens in Penzance in Cornwall in 1914. Maud and Belinda both work at Madame Raymond’s. ...Read Review

Class 1902

By Ernst Glaeser - By Horst Kruse (trans.) - Published 2008


Biographical FictionLiterary

The effects of war on ordinary citizens are illustrated with brutal and beautiful clarity in Class 1902, a biographical novel that found instant popularity ...Read Review

Ancient Highway

By Bret Lott - Published 2008



“Hurrah!” Earl Holmes jubilantly whispers this word to his dying brother in 1925, symbolizing their shared belief in victory in all circumstances, even death. ...Read Review

The Age of Dreaming

By Nina Revoyr - Published 2008



Set in Hollywood of the 1960s, this novel is a surprisingly rich tale that tells the story of an aging star of the ...Read Review

By Royal Command

By Mary Hooper - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

Elizabethan England. In this sequel to At the House of the Magician, Lucy, maid to the queen’s magician Dr Dee, is now ...Read Review

The Road to Vengeance (The Strongbow Saga, Book Three)

By Judson Roberts - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

This is the third book in Roberts’ Viking adventure series and begins where the last book finished. Recommended as reading for the over-fourteens, ...Read Review

The First Blitz

By Neil Hanson - Published 2008



This is an accessible and highly readable account of the German bombing of London and other strategic targets in England during WW1. Germany’...Read Review

The King’s Favorite: A Novel of Nell Gwyn and King Charles II

By Susan Holloway Scott - Published 2008


The story of the Oxford-born barmaid turned prostitute turned orange seller turned renowned actress – and, ultimately, the mistress and closest companion to Charles ...Read Review

Mrs. Darcy’s Dilemma

By Diana Birchall - Published 2008


As Queen Victoria assumes the throne, the former Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice and her husband Mr. Darcy discover that their two ...Read Review

Your Scandalous Ways

By Loretta Chase - Published 2008



After her bitter and high-profile society divorce, Francesca Bonnard took revenge on her husband by making herself the most notorious and sought-after courtesan ...Read Review