How Far the Road Home

By Alan Gifford - Published 2008


During World War II, a half-million German, Italian, and Japanese prisoners of war were held in camps on American soil. Until the war’...Read Review

The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel

By Maureen Lindley - Published 2008


Biographical Fiction

Rather than being demure and submissive, Chinese princess Eastern Jewel is sexually provocative, inquisitive and precocious. In 1914 her father tires of her behaviour ...Read Review

The Glory Boys

By Douglas Reeman - Published 2008



The Mediterranean, 1943. The tide of war is beginning to turn. Lieutenant-Commander Robert Kearton has just taken charge of a newly-formed flotilla of motor ...Read Review

Black Heart of Jamaica

By Julia Golding - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

1792. In Cat Royal’s fifth adventure, our heroine finds herself and her African virtuoso violinist friend, Pedro, sailing to Jamaica with the Peabody ...Read Review

Juliet’s Moon

By Ann Rinaldi - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

In the latter years of the Civil War, all the niceties and structure of 12-year-old Juliet Bradshaw’s life are turned upside down. ...Read Review

Painter in a Savage Land

By Miles Harvey - Published 2008



This book is subtitled The Strange Saga of the First European Artist in North America. Jacques LeMoyne de Morgues sailed for the New ...Read Review

The Redemption of Alexander Seaton

By Shona MacLean - Published 2008



On a stormy night in 1626 in the Scottish town of Banff, the local apothecary’s assistant collapses in the street. Next morning he ...Read Review

Stealing Athena

By Karen Essex - Published 2008


In her highly anticipated follow up to Leonardo’s Swans, Karen Essex delves into the controversial heart of the origins of the Elgin ...Read Review

A Rogue’s Game

By Renee Bernard - Published 2008



The title rogue is Victorian-era playboy Julian Clay, Earl of Westerleigh, who is attracted to a young woman he meets at a gambling ...Read Review

My Lord and Spymaster

By Joanna Bourne - Published 2008



In her quest to expose the spy known as Cinq and secure her father’s release from prison, Jessamyn Whitby relies on the ...Read Review