Amenable Women

By Mavis Cheek - Published 2008


Biographical Fiction

When Flora Chapman’s husband dies in a bizarre ballooning accident, she suddenly realises her new freedom. Edward Chapman dominated Flora’s life, ...Read Review

Journey to Gonzales

By Melodie A. Cuate - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

This is book three of the author’s Mr. Barrington’s Mysterious Trunk series. This time a ghost comes to lead friends Hannah, ...Read Review

Willows for Weeping

By Felicity Pulman - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

There is always a problem being an adult reviewer of a children’s novel; one is pickier than the young readers the novel ...Read Review

Faberge’s Eggs

By Tony Faber - Published 2008



Between 1885 and 1916, Carl Faberge made fifty jewelled eggs. These were given as Easter presents from Russia’s last two tsars to their wives. ...Read Review

The Merchant’s Mark

By Pat McIntosh - Published 2008



Augie Morrison had ordered a quantity of books from the Low Countries, planning on keeping some for himself, giving some to his friend, ...Read Review

The Sun King Rises

By Denis Lépée - By Sue Dyson (trans.) - By Yves Jégo - Published 2008



Orphaned Gabriel de Pontbriand has fled the stifling conformity of the country life his uncle has planned for him for the flesh pots ...Read Review

The Fields of Fortune

By Jessica Stirling - Published 2008



On the brink of being coerced into an unwanted marriage to an old, albeit rich, neighbour, young Nicola Templeton flees to Georgian Edinburgh ...Read Review

Forbidden Frontier

By Zana Bell - Published 2008


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Charlotte Badger is a heroine of a type I’ve not encountered before. A strapping, self-reliant, and clever woman, Charlotte’s not above ...Read Review

Secrets of Surrender

By Madeline Hunter - Published 2008



Having just surrendered her virginity to Lord Norbury whom she thought intended marriage, Lady Roselyn Longworth was devastated to learn he thought of ...Read Review

To This Day

By Hillel Halkin (trans.) - By S.Y. Agnon - Published 2008



In this, Agnon’s final novel, the eminent Hebrew author overlays the comical story of a young Galician writer who has been living ...Read Review